Our Values


We strive to provide our guests with a comprehensive and attentive service. Our warm hospitality and excellent accommodation on our beautiful property all help in enabling our guests to truly relax and unwind.

We also provide our guests with top-class school horses and professional training opportunities, as well as exceptional riding experiences and the chance for phenomenal equestrian development.



We strongly believe in fair and positive interactions with the horse. This means that each horse is trained in accordance with their own disposition and level of development. We believe in positive and fun equestrian development, in which successes are celebrated. We provide ambitious riders with the perfect environment to fine-tune their technical skills in the art of dressage.

We treat our horses as our partners and high-performance athletes, and so we attached a great important to providing them with high-quality food and nutrition, hygienic stables, and daily exercise to ensure the best physical and mental condition for the horses.



Our attachment to animal and natures extends into ensuring a sustainable future. Therefore, we source local products wherever possible and support local cultivation. Additionally, we restrict the use of single-us plastic in our apartments and instead opt for reusable alternatives. We also provide cotton shopping bags for our guests.

We are also committed to preserving and protecting our planet, hence why we also sponsor several projects to help protect our seas.


We look forward to hearing from you.