Pilates for Riders

Clinic for both recreational and competition riders alike (without the horse).

Pilates is a useful balance activity for all riders, whether recreational or competitive. Many of the great jumping and dressage riders are known to use Pilates in order to improve their riding skills. Indeed, professional show jumpers Marco Kutscher and Eva Bitter, as well as dressage greats like Jessica von Bredow-Werndl all incorporate Pilates into their training plans.

In this Pilates for Riders clinic, you’ll improve the connection and communication between the horse and yourself. Pilates will help make you more agile, balanced and focused. You’ll learn how to better perceive your own body and its movements through fascia exercises.

The Pilates modules take place in the mornings and evenings in the beautiful garden of our Cortijo, as well as on the beach of the Costa de la Luz. We arrange the Pilates clinic so that you’ll have plenty of time to explore the local area and take part in other activities. We are also happy to organise massage and other activities for you in Conil and on our property.


  • Improvement of relaxation and easing bodily tension.
  • Learn how to better recognise your body posture and movements.
  • Stretching the muscles that directly affect your back. After stretch, you will no longer cling to the horse.
  • Liberty of movement of the hip joints so that the pelvis can resonate and adapt to the movements of the horses.
  • Abduction and external rotation in the hip joints for better leg support.
  • Balance exercises that also lead to finer hand-reining.
  • Shoulder exercises – again leading to finer hand-reining.
  • Alignment of the upper body for a balanced tension of the abdominal and back muscles.
  • Stabilization of the head and improvement of the head posture.
  • Spine exercises that allow you to properly perform spins on the horse.


Pilates for Riders

5 days, max 6 participants

320 EUR

Accommodation not included in price (available upon request).

Duration includes time for arrival and departure. Price per person


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