Horse-based Executive Coaching

Develop your professional and leadership skills through this horse-assisted coaching method

Our horse-assisted coaching includes all the elements of traditional coaching. The main difference to traditional coaching is the additional use of the horse – which acts as a medium for self-reflection. The addition of the horse enables participants to recognise aspects of one’s own behaviour and body language. Through these interactions with the horse, you’ll learn how to become a calm, controlled and respected leader.

All lessons are also video recorded, with the videos played back during analysis with the coach.

What feedback do horses give you about your own leadership behaviour? Is your self-assessment consistent with the feedback from other group members and the coach? What did you recognise about your own behaviour during the video analysis? Here, you’ll discover how others perceive you and, with the help of the coach, learn how to further develop your strengths for the sake of you and your company.


Horse-based Executive Coaching

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