Equestrian Foto Tour
Feria de los Caballos

Immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of an Andalusian folk festival.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of an Andalusian folk festival. Experience the pure Spanish lifestyle at one of the most famous horse festivals in Spain, the “Feria de los Caballos”.


The festival is characterized by the presence of the noble Andalusians and PREs (Pura Raza Española). Take photos of women in spectacular colourful flamenco dresses and men in their traditional costumes while mounted on their proud stallions.


For a truly authentic experience, climb aboard a horse carriage to see the Feria from a different perspective. Feria de los Caballos is the primary meet-up of Spain’s breeders and horse lovers.

A Campo Abierto

We also visit the estate of Don Alvero Domecq – founder of the Spanish Riding School in Jerez and world-renowned bull and horse breeder.


You’ll see herds of cows with the calves, mares their foals and the powerful bulls living in the open countryside (a Campo Abierto). Observe riders to go about their daily work and watch in awe herds of wild bulls are driven across the land to their next pasture.

Yeguada La Pasión

During your stay you’ll also visit our own estate, Yeguada La Pasión, and get to see our powerful stallions in close quarters. As well as your own photos, we’ll also take photos of you together with the noble animals. You’ll also have the extraordinary opportunity to meet the famous stallion, Ulysses – known to many who have seen him perform at dressage tournaments as the “dream horse”.


Ismael Romero Arroyo

You’ll also be able to watch a master go about his work as Ismael Romero Arroyo performs lessons from Liberty Dressage and Alta Escuela with the stallions. This is an incredibly opportunity to capture the noble Iberian horses in expressive movements with your camera up close.

Swimming horses

For the final day of the tour, we have something very special planned for you. We’ll head to the Atlantic Coast where you can take pictures of the horses swimming and enjoying the waves. For a small fee, you can even go swimming with the horses.


During the tour, you’re also free to take riding lessons at our property and even enjoy a ride along the coast. We have the right horse and trainer for all saddle riders.


Feria de los Caballos
Equestrian Foto Tour I

8 days, max 8 participants

We have the following photo shoots planned:

• 1x visit to the Feria de los Caballos in Jerez
• 1x photo shoot with the horses at the stud “Yeguada La Pasion”. Have your take picture taken with a stallion.
• 1x photo shoot of the “floating” horses in the Atlantic. For an extra charge you can go swimming with the horses.
• 1x photo shoot with the famous Lusitano stallion Ulysses. Portrait, free-running, liberty dressage.
• 1x visit to the finca of the famous bull and horse breeder Don Alvero Domecq
• 1x photo shoot in Campo (in the countryside) with Ismael Romero Arroyo – a well-known instructor for international show horses. He performs a presentation with horses in the Liberty Dressage and under the saddle.

999 EUR

Travel date: 11.05 – 18.05 fully booked
Next travel date: 09.05.2020 - 17.05.2020 Accommodation not included in price (available upon request)

Duration includes time for arrival and departure. Price per person


We look forward to seeing you and to help you on your training and travel needs.

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