Centered Riding

„A balanced body permits a blanced state of mind.” Sally Swift

Centered riding is a method developed by Sally Swift that enables the rider to understand more about themselves and the horse. The purpose of this is to find a position of perfect balance, lightness and harmony between the horse and rider.


Our clinics begin with preparation and sensitisation exercises. This is the where you’ll discover your typical riding movements, which we’ll then you to improve and optimise.

Sally Swift was fascinated by the impact that changes in the rider’s posture had on the horse..

Riders will gain more body awareness and recognise the retracted body patterns in order to improve their own riding posture.


This will help improve your balance and enable you to resonate with the horses’ movements so that you know exactly what the horse is doing beneath you.
With the help of body techniques like the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and Tai Chi, Sally Swift has been able to apply these very easily for everyone.

Our clinics provider riders with a basic overview and experience of centered riding. The building blocks of which are: ‘balance’, ‘centring’, ‘deep breathing’, ‘soft, all-embracing eyes’, ‘earth’ and ‘the accompanying seat’, as well as turns, half-parade and three sitting techniques while trotting.


This clinic is available to everyone: from beginners to returning riders, and fearful riders to composed professionals.


We look forward to seeing you and to help you on your training and travel needs.

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