Find out more about the relationship between your horse’s anatomy and movement in order to keep your horse healthy and protected from overload and injury while training.

Would you like to learn more about how your horse’s body works in order to acquire a good understanding of your horse’s health?


Knowledge in Biomechanics can help you avoid overloading and injuries to your horse during training. In this clinic, we’ll cover not just the anatomy of the horse, but of the human too, so that you can understand how the two can work together better. You’ll learn the effect your body has on the horse during dynamic movements, allowing you to ride optimally and improve the horse’s performance. A hose trained in harmony with its biomechanics has a swinging back, a shuffling, shifting hindquarters and a free shoulder.


One of the main focuses of the clinics will be how to deal with the natural crookedness within our horse’s, and our own, bodies. Biomechanics teaches us, in combination with an improved body awareness, of where single problems originate, enabling us to figure out how to solve the issue. We also work intensively on the importance of proper breathing technique.


Caby Kim Hozeman leads the clinic. She is a licensed horse trainer and has studied Biomechanies and Equire Ethology extensively. She is also a Level 1 Centred Riding Instructor.


Please feel free to send us an email in advance if you have any further questions about the clinic or accommodation.


Biomechanics of horse and rider

4 days, max 10 participants

940 EUR

Clinic date: 09.08-12.08 with Caby Kim Hoezman Accommodation not included in price (available upon request).

Duration includes time for arrival and departure. Price per person.


We look forward to seeing you and to help you on your training and travel needs.

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