Limeño RAM III

Limeño RAM III is the perfect horse for leisure riders.


Pura Raza Española






Limeño RAM III is an elegant stallion with a magnificent mane and a beautiful neck. He is very docile and great to ride. He shows the half pass in trot and canter, walk pirouette, piaffe and passage. In addition, when working from the ground, he masters half passes, both in a straight line and on volts. Spanish Step, Piaffe and Passage are also part of his repertoire when working from the ground. Due to his gentle disposition, he is also suitable for liberty dressage and has already learned his first liberty dressage lessons. Limeño RAM III is also an absolutely reliable horse when ridden in the countryside.


The chic PRE has a lovely character, is people-oriented and cuddly. He comes from a stallion husbandry and shows no aggressive behaviour towards other horses. Under the saddle he shows a great work attitude.
He is farrier and loading friendly.

Which rider does the horse need?

Limeño RAM III is the perfect horse for leisure riders.


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