Jatungo JB

Jatungo is a talented PRE at Grand Prix level with a powerful physique.


Pura Raza Española






Jatungo is a talented PRE at Grand Prix level with a powerful physique.
He is a fine stallion that reacts to subtle instructutions from the rider. His strength lies in collected gaits, through which he shows impressive piaffe and passage. He also performs beautiful pirouettes and smooth flying changes.
This exceptional athlete has also mastered Alta Escuela lessons such as Passage Parado, Paso Español and Trota Español.

In addition to his excellent training under the saddle, he performs all the lessons of liberty dressage with breathtaking precision, including Passage, Piaffe, Kebo, Balanceo, Lying down/sitting down, La LLamada – to name just a few.

Jatungo possesses the true strength of character of a champion with a big heart.

Which rider does the horse need?

This particular PRE is an ideal candidate for a professional rider or experienced amateur. Jatungo is also a very interesting horse for the international film, circus and show world.


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